Dag gommit, this fucking massive headache

Menurut catatan di blog jurnal gue, 18 September 2014 gue ke dokter gigi untuk menambal 1 titik hitam kecil di gigi geraham kiri atas.

Kata dokter gigi Faiza saat itu, meskipun hanya titik kecil hitam khawatir kedalamannya cukup dalam dan bisa menyebabkan sakit gigi.

Jadilah malam itu gue mengikuti saran dia untuk menambal titik hitam itu setelah dilakukan pengeboran terlebih dahulu.

Kemudian setelahnya gigi gue rapi tidak ada titik hitam lagi maupun lubang.

Sampai sekitar tiga minggu lalu bencana ini datang, saudara-saudara! Tambalan yang dilakukan drg. Faiza mulai retak dan goyah. Samalah seperti hati dan keimanan kita semua. Begitu rentan dan dengan cepat menimbulkan rasa sakit di kepala melalui saraf-saraf yang saling terhubung.

Puncaknya tadi malam. Urat saraf yang nyut-nyutan membuat kepala sebelah kiri seakan mau meledak. Bikin gue nggak bisa tidur. Gelisah dan kesakitan.

Jam 5 subuh coba mention dokter gigi di Twitter yang kebetulan kliniknya ada di Kemang, dekat dengan tempat tinggal. Menanyakan jam buka kliniknya.

Pagi datang, rasa nyeri itupun hilang. Meskipun mention di Twitter baru direspon jam 1 siang tadi, gue tetap akan datang sore ini ke sana untuk mengakhiri penderitaan ini.

Sore ini, saat sedang asik-asiknya kerja (taek, sok asik) setelah tadi siang keselek ikan asin dari katering buatan Icha, rasa nyeri ini datang lagi.

Saat ikan asin masih di kerongkongan, rasa nyeri itu malah datang lagi seakan nggak mau kehilangan perhatian.

Asam mefenamat dari Andra yang gue telan 2 jam lalu seakan hilang keampuhannya setelah barusan gue minum kopi sachet dari Tika.

Lalu tiba-tiba sekarang hujan deras.

Apa kabar perjalanan ke Kemang nanti?

Padahal hari ini ulang tahun Isty.

It’s All Okay

Everything is boring.

Life is boring, until we know how to deal with it.

People are boring, until we know how to talk to them.

We are boring, until we know how to present ourselves.

We know the limit, try to break it sometimes.

We know the rules, be the bad guys once or twice.

Meet as many people as possible, listen to their stories.

Be a person who makes people feel comfortable when we are around.

Make them feel like home. Make them smile and laugh.

Break their heart. Make them cry. Disappoint them. Because we are human.

Kiss and hug someone we want without a doubt.

Try something new. Some things that we are afraid to do all this time.

We need to sleep, try to stay awake for days.

Be social. But give ourselves some times to be alone as well.

Play some roles.

Ask people. Ask anything. Be curious.

Be honest. But the most important is, be honest to ourselves.

Always right is boring. Make mistakes.

Be kind, but don’t forget to be an asshole sometimes.

Be as adventurous as possible. Be open minded.

Respect and love.

Fight against something.

It’s all okay.

Let’s Move…

We usually have a night conversation on the upstairs at our office. I and my office mates. After we finish our work. The conversation can be about anything. We usually discuss about work, talk about life in general, share about our love story, or merely laugh over some unimportant jokes and things.

One day in the middle of May, we had this topic for our session—about happiness. Which led to one question that everyone in the group had to respond and answer: what do you usually do to overcome your own problems, worries, confusions, and etc?

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Jack of All Trades, Master of None

Awal November lalu, teman saya yang seorang Project Manager pada salah satu perusahaan telekomunikasi di negeri ini pernah ngetweet seperti ini: “We are all the Jack of all trades, but Master of none. I blame Indonesian education system for this.” Saya mengamini pernyataan dia dengan me-reply tweetnya.

Seperti apa yang diekspresikan oleh kalimat tersebut, saya kira banyak sekali orang yang merasa terperangkap dengan istilah ini. Bahkan saya pun merasakan demikian, menjadi the Jack of all trades, but master of none; mengetahui banyak sekali hal, namun tak ada satu pun yang secara spesial dikuasai.

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Listening to Here Forever by Pas Band

Last night, I dreamed about going vacation to Dieng plateau with my coworkers. The dream began when we were in the bus; went back home.

When we arrived home; I just realized I left my bag inside the bus. I calmly asked my friends to accompany me to get it back, but none of them were willing to.

They presumed the bus was then parked at Sepatan bus station (where in the blue hell is Sepatan?). I could go by myself, they said.

Out of the blue, a neighbor offered me his bicycle to ride. The bike was shapely weird. Really weird. It was just like a skeleton without any muscles. No tyres; no brakes; no seat. Only metals with pedals and tyres that made of glass.

Thenceforth I started cycling up and down the hill towards Sepatan bus station. I met many people on my way there; including the people from the past which I’ve never seen anymore for years.

I stopped by here and there asking strangers about my destination’s whereabouts. I also found my lost passport somewhere in the maze of this dream realm.

Long story short. I finally arrived at the bus station. I was asked to wait in a room that full of other people claiming their lost belongings.

There was one street musician also in that room. With his acoustic guitar, he began to entertain us with this song: ‘Here Forever’ from PAS Band.

He sang this song out loud. We the audience also sang along, as if the song was popular and famous among us everyday people.

Thus, I woke up.

And that’s that.

Listening to Here Forever by Pas Band

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A Letter to A Friend


One day before the wedding day, April 26 2014

Ian Pradarma
and his wife,
Anggita Rulliyana

We’ve been befriending since we were a kid. We were in the same area of elementary school. We went to the same middle school and shared the same class. We were separated to different high schools, but we still hung out together. We were the real brats at that time.

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[Beware!] Impersonation on Facebook

Dear All,

Mohon untuk diketahui bahwa akun Facebook El-Nino Rezpector (https://www.facebook.com/fakeaccountfrompalembang) adalah akun palsu yang menggunakan identitas dan foto orang lain.

El-Nino eksis di Facebook sejak akhir 2010 dan mengaku bernama Panca Ardiansyah dan menggunakan foto-foto asli dari Panca Ardiansyah yang diambil dari Facebook dan Twitter Panca Ardiansyah.

El-Nino (Panca palsu) mengaku tinggal di Kalimantan dan kerja di PT. PLN. Dan berbahasa aktif Palembang.

Sampai dengan saat ini, El-Nino (Panca palsu) telah berhasil menipu orang lain dengan cara berpura-pura jadi Panca dan berpacaran dengan beberapa perempuan yang berdomisili di Palembang. Namun selama mereka berpacaran tersebut, tidak ada satu pun dari perempuan tadi yang pernah bertemu langsung dengan El-Nino (Panca palsu).

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