Rape Is Not A Joke…

Do you know people who went through rape are called survivors not victims? Survivor because to survive to go through the “horror” moment they experienced is not an easy thing.

Do you know rape survivors carry their scars for life?

Do you know rape survivors experience nightmares even years after?

Do you know that rape is the WORST abuse anyone can experience? Because it’s not only severing the physical but also mental and dignity.

Do you know that rape is one of the most difficult traumas to be treated?

Do you know rape survivors experience terrible guilt because they felt helpless and unable to defend themselves?

Do you realize that rape is not something you can just fucking joke about?Do you know even the slightest hint can flashback the rape trauma over and over again?

Do you know how many rape survivors out there crying for help in silence?

Do you know that either harassment, molestation or rape causes the same trauma? An abuse is an abuse, no matter what.

Do you know that most sexual abuse perpetrators are people you know and trust?

Do you know what it feels like for rape survivors to stop cursing and start forgiving themselves?

Do you know how often sexual offenders walk free?

Do you know that one of the worst aftermath for rape survivors is the social stigma? YOUR stigma!

Do you know it’s NOT their fault? Do you realize no one wants to go through what they went through?

Do you know how difficult -almost impossible- to stay sane everytime rape survivors have flashbacks?

Do you know sexual abuse can happen to your daughter? Sister? Girlfriend? Wife? Cousin? Bestfriend?

So please, anyone who cares, please send this message to everyone you love… Rape is not a joke…

From Wulan Danoekoesoemo‘s tweets.

About pancasyah
There will be the time I've been the person you want to talk with, but end up being the person you want to talk about. | An introverted expressionist.

7 Responses to Rape Is Not A Joke…

  1. venus says:

    makasih, panca :)

  2. E says:

    Is not a joke! :)

  3. Dawin says:

    100 % agree..rape is not a joke…apalagi utk calon hakim agung…benar2 memalukan buat warga negara Indonesia punya calon hakim agung yg candaan nya tidak bermutu

  4. octav says:

    Yeah, i do. Nice writing

  5. Grace says:

    Hear, hear. ♥

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