Youth Voltage: Collaborate to Celebrate

“Youth Voltage: Collaborate to Celebrate” is a youth festival that organized and presented by a collaboration of two local clothing lines from Karawaci, Tangerang: Gristle Industry and Dyslexis.

This event contains of three elements: music show, skateboard and fixed gear freestyle contest, and also clothing line expo.

Music show will perform local band from Tangerang and Jakarta:
– Sepatuara
– Eulogy
– Buronan Mertua (Jakarta)
– Erik Indarto (He will also release his “Sketches Full of Treasure” album at this event)
– Citizen Useless (Jakarta)
– Reds Bloody Lips
– Rhetoric States
– Roofies
– Long Gone Before Daylight
– Maryatie
– Sibilus
– Saint Killer
– Kilometer
– Juice Confused
– Hallo Morning

There will be two special guests as follow:
– Efek Rumah Kaca (Jakarta)
– Burgerkill (Bandung)

It’s also supported by Podium Skate All Day (Tangerang) who will handle the skateboard competition. And the equipment is powered by DC Shoes (USA), they also provide us the products for reward to the skateboarders. There are also Emerica¬†(USA) and Motion Skateboard (Bali) who will support us on the skateboard competition. In FGFS contest, there will be Alpha Lab (Bandung) who will support us the reward for the bikers.

Here is the local brand that support this event: Dazzle & Angel, Incubation Series, Matiz Company, Nerve Invention, Derere, Hattrick, Kidney, Allmost, The After Ending, Squizzle, DSECloth, GTPS, Hope Attack, and Toko Hemp. With Tangerang Calling, Star Radio 107.3 FM, Happen Skateboarding Magazine, Headbanger Magazine, TOSwebZine, Federasi Skateboarding Indonesia as media partners, and Bareng-Bareng Design Studios as documentation supporter.

This event will be held on Saturday, February 16, 2013 at GOR Tangerang Dimyati. In indoor area for music show, and outdoor area for contest and expo.

Youth Voltage is also supported by CoklatFamily and Brainwash as the team. And will be hosted by @dika27 a.k.a Congor.

Be there and be one of the audiences at this great event. For further information, please contact @dhanikatrok at 081310700604 / 085718682107.


  1. 13:00 – Juice Confused
  2. 13:20 – Hallo Morning
  3. 13:40 – Sepatuara
  4. 14:00 – Long Gone Before Daylight
  5. 14:20 – Saint Killer
  6. 14:40 – Roofies
  7. 15:00 – Rhetoric States
  8. 15:20 – Sibilus
  9. 15:40 – Kilometer
  10. 16:00 – Reds Bloody Lips
  11. 16:20 – Maryatie
  12. 16:40 – Erik Indarto
  13. 17:10 – Efek Rumah Kaca
  14. 19:00 – Citizen Useless
  15. 19:20 – Eulogy
  16. 19:40 – Buronan Mertua
  17. 20:00 – Burgerkill



April 29th

Hey, it’s April 29th 2011 already. It’s remembering me of today, on a year ago. April 29th 2010. It’s been a year…

29 of April will always be a special day for me.

It’s when #TWITALK ran the first show. Pungkas was interviewing Triawan Munaf.

But, several hours before #TWITALK was showing, I had a great moment with La Tania Finanda Phillipe Putri.

Okay, here’s the story…

Previous days before 29 of April, I got an invitation from Tania to watch Efek Rumah Kaca at her campus. Efek Rumah Kaca (or we usually call them as ERK) is a pop minimalist band that we both like. I was honored to have that invitation, because Tania only got 2 tickets from the event organizer. And she decided and chose me to accompany her to attend it. I didn’t know the reason why, most likely because we both like the band, perhaps. But the point is, I was flattered and felt honored!

That was cloudy Thursday in the afternoon. I drove my motorcycle to Depok, the small yet crowded city where University of Indonesia is located. “Off to FIB UI Depok. Bismillah…” I tweeted at 3:27 PM that day.

In the middle of the journey -no, not the middle, it was still nearby my house- the rain was pouring down! “Trapped in one of the carpenter workshop at Bintaro. Sacrament album’s accompanying me waiting for the heavy rain with thunder and lightning,” I tweeted again at 4:08 PM that day.

I faced a very bad traffic during my travel. Especially on Tb. Simatupang road. I was really pissed off with the traffic. But I finally arrived at UI At 6:15 PM. The feeling was so happy, even though my pants a little bit got wet. Didn’t mind it, though. Read more of this post