Let’s Move…

We usually have a night conversation on the upstairs at our office. I and my office mates. After we finish our work. The conversation can be about anything. We usually discuss about work, talk about life in general, share about our love story, or merely laugh over some unimportant jokes and things.

One day in the middle of May, we had this topic for our session—about happiness. Which led to one question that everyone in the group had to respond and answer: what do you usually do to overcome your own problems, worries, confusions, and etc?

We got various answers, of course. But there was one string that got us thinking: humans tend to have their own escaping place, thing, or activity to overcome it all; most of the time it only happens as temporary pill for their illness.

The escape could be anything, depends on the person itself. For example: one loves to drown himself to work or to study thing, some others like to throw themselves a party, doing their hobbies, giving themselves a pleasure with sex, taking drugs, smoking weed, or the best thing as how society sees it, is being more religious.

On this May, I faced a problem with my now-ex girlfriend. It had been more than two weeks we both didn’t talk to each other. We fought over something—and I don’t think I need to tell more details about it here. On one Saturday evening I really felt empty, I didn’t even know what to do. Until around 8 PM a friend asked me to come along to a party.

At that time, I was like, “great, I finally got my own escape,” and directly said yes to the invitation. Much better than feeling blue all night long alone in the bedroom, right?

This friend of mine took me to Fabric, an outdoor bar and lounge that located in Kemang, South Jakarta.

Entrance gate. Fabric, Kemang.

We arrived at the venue around 9:30 PM. It was quite early, indeed. Hence, a lot of people had not yet come. As we can see the situation in front of the DJ booth below.

However, being in the middle of the crowd that night made me feel better and was cheering me up as well. Then we ordered some beers first while waiting for other friends to come and join with us. With colorful lighting and fresh outdoor air, made the remixed songs from the DJ became a delight background music while I and my friends were having conversation on our table.

Then I realized that this party was not an ordinary party at all. It got very creative concept; combining art, colorful lighting, and even video mapping on the wall above the DJ’s booth. It became more fantastic because they also got a Photon Liquid Dancer with animated LED covering their hands.

Our conversation was kinda distracted with a performance from this percussion guy who turned out to be attracting us to get closer. Check it out:

DAD Rhythm.

Oh, I also recorded this guy to my Instagram.

One by one our friends came over and join the table, then we ordered two bottles of Vodka to make us move. Well, this is the most interesting part for me.

Every time I get into the party and have myself shots of liquor, I always feel obliged to move my own body and dance to the EDM beat from the DJs. I mean, what’s the point of having bottles of Vodka without do some dance?

I admit it, I do awful dance even my friends sometimes make fun of it. But I don’t really care, hahaha. At least I dare to challenge myself to do something different, right?

People start dancing under that beautiful video mapping.

The crowd became more packed, the Vodka started working, we stopped our conversation then we went to the dance floor together.

At that very moment, I even forgot about what I felt 4 hours ago in my bedroom. I was very happy dancing with my friends. I also danced with some girls I didn’t know—later that night one of them went back home with my phone number saved on her phone. Very fun, and funny. Hahaha.

Apparently this talented world experience young DJ was also with us that night. Say hi to Angger Dimas!

Angger Dimas and his team.

Angger Dimas and his team.

When Angger took his position on his DJ set, more people filled the dance floor making it more crowded. More fun, of course! Even when he’s done with his playlist, he approached me and shook my hand. “Nice playlist, Bro. Thanks!” said I as he walked away with his team.

By the way, you guys can see more details about the party and the line up as well here:

A special intimate party: Fresh Sensation.

A special intimate party: Fresh Sensation.

It was a very fun night, indeed. I was very happy.

And… what happened to me the day after the party?

Yes, after I woke up from the hangover, she came over to my place. Wanted to meet me. Then, we had dinner nearby my place. We talked about our relationship. It was a warm night actually, and we also talked very intimate as if we didn’t fight before.

But, we had to take decision. We had to end it. We had to end our relationship. It was quite difficult, but I had to be brave enough to take this decision. We really hoped it was the best decision for both of us. Also, even though we were not in a relationship anymore, we hoped we can still be friends, not strangers. Sounds cliché, but hey…

So yeah, Baby. We can still grow separately. Goodbye and let’s keep moving.


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There will be the time I've been the person you want to talk with, but end up being the person you want to talk about. | An introverted expressionist.

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