Listening to Here Forever by Pas Band

Last night, I dreamed about going vacation to Dieng plateau with my coworkers. The dream began when we were in the bus; went back home.

When we arrived home; I just realized I left my bag inside the bus. I calmly asked my friends to accompany me to get it back, but none of them were willing to.

They presumed the bus was then parked at Sepatan bus station (where in the blue hell is Sepatan?). I could go by myself, they said.

Out of the blue, a neighbor offered me his bicycle to ride. The bike was shapely weird. Really weird. It was just like a skeleton without any muscles. No tyres; no brakes; no seat. Only metals with pedals and tyres that made of glass.

Thenceforth I started cycling up and down the hill towards Sepatan bus station. I met many people on my way there; including the people from the past which I’ve never seen anymore for years.

I stopped by here and there asking strangers about my destination’s whereabouts. I also found my lost passport somewhere in the maze of this dream realm.

Long story short. I finally arrived at the bus station. I was asked to wait in a room that full of other people claiming their lost belongings.

There was one street musician also in that room. With his acoustic guitar, he began to entertain us with this song: ‘Here Forever’ from PAS Band.

He sang this song out loud. We the audience also sang along, as if the song was popular and famous among us everyday people.

Thus, I woke up.

And that’s that.

Listening to Here Forever by Pas Band

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There will be the time I've been the person you want to talk with, but end up being the person you want to talk about. | An introverted expressionist.

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