A Letter to A Friend


One day before the wedding day, April 26 2014

Ian Pradarma
and his wife,
Anggita Rulliyana

We’ve been befriending since we were a kid. We were in the same area of elementary school. We went to the same middle school and shared the same class. We were separated to different high schools, but we still hung out together. We were the real brats at that time.

We played skateboard together. We went to the gigs of underground scene together. We were in the same motherfucking punk melodic band. We shared our story to each other. We got wasted together. We sometimes worked together. You helped my business with pleasure. We traveled together.

We laughed. We fought. We warned each other when something got wrong. Most of the time, I acted as if I’m your elder brother.

I once fought against your girl. I told her I don’t like her right in her face. She really hated me, saying I’m an asshole. She was over-protecting you from me, from your friends. I understood because she really loved you. Yet you chose her, I respected your choice. Because I too knew you really loved her.

Now you both are a married couple. I’m still happy for this, though. I’m happy for you, and your wife.

Fuck you, man. You’re someone’s husband now. You’re not a kid anymore. Be responsible, you bastard. You’re a leader. Control your ego. Be a man. Be a real man, fucktard.

I hope for your happiness in growing your little family. In living your marriage life.

Shit will always happen, I’m telling you. Be tough, be brave. Face it all. Don’t avoid it. Don’t be a tiny coward bitch.

You’re beyond a friend to me. You’re my brother, my family. Part of my life. Hope we can still hang out, laugh, fight against the society together, and help each other. That’s how things should be done, right?

Finally, after 5 years of your annoying relationship, she said yes to your proposal.

Once again, congratulations for your marriage, man!

May God bless you and your wife!

Here’s my bro-fist,


The wedding day. April 27 2014.


About pancasyah
There will be the time I've been the person you want to talk with, but end up being the person you want to talk about. | An introverted expressionist.

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