April 29th

Hey, it’s April 29th 2011 already. It’s remembering me of today, on a year ago. April 29th 2010. It’s been a year…

29 of April will always be a special day for me.

It’s when #TWITALK ran the first show. Pungkas was interviewing Triawan Munaf.

But, several hours before #TWITALK was showing, I had a great moment with La Tania Finanda Phillipe Putri.

Okay, here’s the story…

Previous days before 29 of April, I got an invitation from Tania to watch Efek Rumah Kaca at her campus. Efek Rumah Kaca (or we usually call them as ERK) is a pop minimalist band that we both like. I was honored to have that invitation, because Tania only got 2 tickets from the event organizer. And she decided and chose me to accompany her to attend it. I didn’t know the reason why, most likely because we both like the band, perhaps. But the point is, I was flattered and felt honored!

That was cloudy Thursday in the afternoon. I drove my motorcycle to Depok, the small yet crowded city where University of Indonesia is located. “Off to FIB UI Depok. Bismillah…” I tweeted at 3:27 PM that day.

In the middle of the journey -no, not the middle, it was still nearby my house- the rain was pouring down! “Trapped in one of the carpenter workshop at Bintaro. Sacrament album’s accompanying me waiting for the heavy rain with thunder and lightning,” I tweeted again at 4:08 PM that day.

I faced a very bad traffic during my travel. Especially on Tb. Simatupang road. I was really pissed off with the traffic. But I finally arrived at UI At 6:15 PM. The feeling was so happy, even though my pants a little bit got wet. Didn’t mind it, though.

Met Tania. She gave me the ticket (the ticket that I kept saving it on my wallet until 3 weeks ago!), and she introduced me to some her friends. Then I asked her permission to change my cloth and pray first before enter the show building.

Around 7 PM we entered the venue. There was a local band perform their music. I forgot the name, but they were playing good. I and Tania enjoyed it. She knew the band, because they had been playing in UI for several times.

After that local band, another guest star performed. It was Tere and Thinker Belle. As we have known, this Batak lady, Theresia Ebenna Ezeria Pardede (as long as I remember her name) used to be a female singer in Indonesia. Her debut was being a featured artist of Pas Band on the song “Kesepian Kita”. And her first performance was in “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta” movie along with Pas Band as cameo in 2000. She then became famous with her single “Awal Yang Indah” circa 2002 until she decided to become a politician. She was joining the parliament building from Fraction Democratic Party since 2009. And I saw her again as an artist at UI that day. Tere and Thinker Belle. Their songs were talking about politic, social issue, and sometimes love.

Done with Tere and Thinker Belle. Finally it was time for ERK! It was 8:20 PM, the 1st song was “Debu-Debu Berterbangan”. The song that begins with the words “Demi masa…”, that came from 1st Aya of Surah Al-Asr.

The second song was “Balerina”, followed with “Jangan Bakar Buku” as the third song.

The 4th song was “Di Udara”. According to the lyrics and the spirit, I always say it as a Munir song. Very burning.

“Melankolia” was set as the fifth song. I and Tania sang along with Cholil and other audiences. Melancholic song yet remains filled with positive things. And start from then, I always remember Tania every time I listen to “Melankolia”. Just like Tania remembers me when she listens to “Fire Burning” by Sean Kingston.

“Mosi Tidak Percaya”, “Desember”, and “Menjadi Indonesia” were the last three songs we enjoyed at that night. “Menjadi Indonesia” wasn’t the last song actually, we just gotta go because Tania couldn’t stay there any longer since it was almost 9 PM. Tania had to go back home. Bunda, her mother, had already picked her up out there.

Tania went home, while my friends, Tebe and Sefhian turned out to be waiting me at another place in UI. I did actually invite them to watch ERK until we knew that the event is based on invitation from UI student. So they couldn’t join me and Tania and chose to wait me. Thank you, Pals!

We three went to the famous Kue Pancong Nusantara Depok. While having that light supper, I also paid attention to my Twitter timeline. There was #TWITALK showed by Pungkas as the host and Triawan as the guest that night.

Since I had been interested to #TWITALK from the first time it was created on April 23th 2010, so I tried to join the talk. I threw a question to Triawan: “Nitip pertanyaan untuk #TWITALK malam ini: menurut pak @Triawan, gimana dengan fenomena banyaknya musisi luar yang main di sini? Cc @pungkas” I tweeted at 9:38 PM that night. I enjoyed how Triawan responded and answered each question from Pungkas’ and his followers. That was such a great show.

The night was ended by the last yet unhealthy late dinner at 24 hours junk food restaurant at Cinere, at 10:47 PM.

Time flies.

Now, 29 of April 2011.

I’ve been having a good times with Efek Rumah Kaca.

I’ve been having a good times with the special Tania.

I’ve been having a good times and being one of #TWITALK team.

Tonight, we’re about to celebrate #TWITALK 1st Anniversary Gathering, at Mezzaluna alfresco dining Resto, Kemang.

We will be gathering #TWITALK evangelists, guests, and friends. To be having a meet and greet, live talkshow, and give some door prizes.

So, see you guys tonight. And I love you!

Can I have a proper sleep?


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4 Responses to April 29th

  1. tania says:

    setiap ketemu kayaknya “HUJAN” terus.. HAHAHHAAHAHAAA!

  2. aulia says:

    *membayangkan ini jadi adegan film* :D

    eniwei, I just read your blog, so…hi then. :)

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