SocialScope Shortcuts and Mutes

Okay, this is my promise to write another stuff about SocialScope. I’ll write it step-by-step as what I could remember. Maybe I would like to start it from the shortcuts. Here we go!

  1. Compose a new tweet or message by pressing the letter “U” or “C” on your keypad. You can choose which account you want to use. SocialScope enables you to send 1 message for multi-accounts at one time. Just give the check mark to the desired account. It’s easy.
  2. Press the letter “R” or “E” on your keypad to Reply a tweet. And letter “K” to Reply All.
  3. If you are not patient enough to wait new tweets, press “L” to refresh your timeline and stream.
  4. Press “T” to go to the top of timeline, and “B” to go to the bottom of timeline.
  5. Inside the tweet page, you can use letter “N” and “P” on your keypad to read the next and previous tweets.
  6. Does your girlfriend tweet something stupid? Favorite it by pressing “V”!
  7. Oops, I see a cute follower retweeting my tweet. I send her a direct message by pressing “D” and say “Hi, thanks for retweeting. May I have your BlackBerry PIN?”.
  8. Letter “P” on your keypad also can be used as “Direct Message” besides used for “Private Message” for Facebook. All of the Direct Messages from your Twitter friend and Private Messages from your Facebook friend are placed at the same inbox in SocialScope.
  9. I don’t know what SocialScope’s programmer thought when they built this application, but the letter “S”, “F”, and “Z” on your keypad have the same function as share button.
  10. “ReTweet” to share a tweet without changing the original message.
  11. “Quote” to share a tweet or message and you can add your personal message or comment to the original tweet. But please, don’t abuse it for chit-chat too often. *I sometimes do that , too.* :P
  12. “Email” to forward tweet to someone’s e-mail. It contains link of tweet, application used, date of tweet, message, and username.
  13. UberTwitter has a “Friend Picker” feature, so does SocialScope. Even more powerful! Press the letter “G” on your keypad, then it shows username of your Twitter and Facebook friends and all people who ever mentioned you. Click on one of them, then you will be directed to their profile page. Cool, huh?
  14. You don’t like to see your Mom’s tweets but you don’t have a gut to unfollow her? Press the letter “M” upon her tweet and… Congratulation! You just muted your fussy mother!
  15. For your information, you can mute your mother for only 1 hour to forever. Forever? I can mute her forever? Hurray!
  16. Oh ya, not only people which we can mute, but also hashtag, keyword, and applications too. Could UberTwitter do that? I don’t think so. In SocialScope, we can mute tweets contain the words or hashtag we don’t want to see. If you don’t wanna see your ex’s name on your timeline, just type their name as a keyword in mute options. If you don’t wanna see a tweet with hashtag #JustinBieber, you can also mute it. SocialScope is Ubercool!
  17. Do you now that mention from people we mute will not be seen? And they will realize they are muted when they want to DM us. It might make your Mom angry. Stop muting her on “Manage Mutes”.
  18. We can see our mute list in “Manage Mutes”. We can delete and edit those mutes setting here. Wanna see my mute list? Check these craps out:

Yeaaahhh… That’s all about shortcuts and mutes in SocialScope. Those shortcuts apply in SocialScope version v0.9.5.174. Any shortcuts change in new version of SocialScope will be updated on my future post. Stay tuned!

From the love of bird,
PancaSyah “The Joker”

About pancasyah
There will be the time I've been the person you want to talk with, but end up being the person you want to talk about. | An introverted expressionist.

4 Responses to SocialScope Shortcuts and Mutes

  1. sherlomes says:

    Awesome tips. Love it!

  2. Pingback: Tweets that mention SocialScope Shortcuts and Mutes « Left and Right --

  3. aulia says:

    maaf nih mau tanya.. gimana ya caranya menggantu akun facebook yg aktif di social scope.. saya punya 2 fb, saya mau ganti ke fb yg 1 lagi di ss tapi ga ada pilihan untuk remove khusus fb sedangkan di twitter ada pilihannya.

    • pancasyah says:

      Yes. Too bad, as far as I know, we cannot change or even remove Facebook account from SocialScope. At least until the latest version of SocialScope v0.9.6.20.
      I hope they make further improvement for the next version.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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