SocialScope Group and Search Features

In previous post, I forgot to write about “SocialScope Group” and “Twitter List” with its shortcut on the letter “A” on your keypad. Well, I begin this post with that shortcut.

  1. You can add people to your personal SocialScope Group. You create this group by yourself and it only can be viewed on your SocialScope application. First things first, navigate pointer on your screen to a person you want to add.
  2. Let’s say, I wanna add @melaniesubono to a SocialScope Group, so I navigate pointer to one of her tweet, press “A” as a shortcut, then choose “SocialScope Group” as shown above. Then I create new group for Melanie Subono.
  3. Then I type a group name as I want.
  4. Press “OK” then I got one special tab contains Melanie Subono’s tweets.
  5. I usually create a group of a Tweeter to follow their serial-tweet telling about some interesting story.
  6. Since I don’t create any “Twitter List” in, then I don’t write further explanation about  it. But, I think it has the same steps as creating “SocialScope Group” if you wanna create a “Twitter List”. Easy.
  7. We can also search anything in public timeline. Utilize “Search” feature, we can find people mentioning something in their tweets. For example, I don’t follow our Minister of Communication and Information, @tifsembiring. If I wanna see his tweets and every tweet from people mentioning his name, I only got to type “tifsembiring” in “Search” feature, “Save as Tab”, and I have one tab contains real time tweets with the keyword “tifsembiring”.

  8. .
  9. .
  10. .
  11. .

I think it’s enough about SocialScope Group and Search. I will be back soon with another post. Still, about SocialScope thingy. *Big Grin.*


I’m still hungry,
PancaSyah “The Joker”

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3 Responses to SocialScope Group and Search Features

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  2. Cam says:

    How do you delete groups? Thanks!

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