My SocialScope Settings

It was Saturday morning on 19th of February when Twitter suddenly suspended some third-party applications without giving any notification or warning to their user. UberTwitter as the most famous Twitter client in Indonesia was also suspended as they got policy issue against

Many people in my timeline panicked about this incident, especially them who use UberTwitter and don’t like Twitter for BlackBerry. In the middle of this panic moment, SocialScope as the most exclusive application shared the invitation codes easily to interested and registered people. Well, that was the most shocking thing for the existing SocialScope users, especially people who had already been waiting the invitation code for such long time. Phew…

Not all the UberTwitter immigrants felt comfy with SocialScope. Some of them complained on timeline and threw some questions about this new application thingy. So that’s why I try to share you my SocialScope settings. Give it a check:

  1. SocialScope is a private beta application. We need to have an invitation code from them first before we can finally download it from our device. Go to to sign up and register your identity. Input your full name (you are required to input your first and last name), active email address (SocialScope will communicate to you through this), and select your device you want SocialScope application to be installed in (BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Palm, Windows Mobile, etc).


  2. You already have an invitation code if you received an email from SocialScope with this subject: “Psst… You’re In! Welcome to SocialScope”. Check the email body, there’s your invite code with URL. Give that URL a click, you will then redirect to the download page. Once you finish downloading and install the application, they ask you to enter your invite code, as captured below:
  3. Enter your invite code, create your account, input your SocialScope username and password in each section, and… Voila! You are now a SocialScope user!
  4. You can change your email address at anytime.


  5. There are some social media accounts available in this application, such as; Twitter (two different accounts), Facebook, Foursquare, and Yahoo! Flickr. You can run all of those accounts at the same time. Or you can choose which social media account will be activated here. Your choice.
  6. You can simply enable and disable which social media you want it to run. Choose “Remove from SocialScope” to disable Twitter, Foursquare, or Flickr.
  7. Except for Facebook, you have to choose “Hide Stream” here to disable it. After hit the “Hide Stream” button, you are required to logout SocialScope and login again later.
  8. SocialScope is able to integrate all of notifications into your device mailbox. Unfortunately, some people dislike it. So you can set this option to “No”.
  9. Some of my friends complained that their BlackBerry just made some noise after SocialScope was installed. It’s just because they enabled all alert for all notifications. In my settings, I only set enable alert for “Public Replies” and “Direct Messages”.
  10. We can set display name in our timeline as a “Username” or “Full” name. If you set “Username” as display name, “aplusk” will appear in your timeline. If you set “Full” name, “Ashton Kutcher” will appear. I set “Username” as display name in my timeline.
  11. There are two types of Date Format, “Relative” and “Absolute”. It will inform you an exact time such as “18:11” on every tweet if you set “Absolute”, and it will be seen as “18mins ago” if you set “Relative”.
  12. I set “6pt” Font Size to have a best view on my device screen.
  13. SocialScope has some options for you to choose what kind of “Refresh Frequency” you can set. I don’t choose “Auto” nor “Manual”, I choose “5 minutes” instead as the best settings to keep my battery save. As long as I use SocialScope, this setting doesn’t drain my battery quickly.
  14. I don’t really know what will happen if I set “No” in “Refresh on Launch”. But I always set it “Yes” and set “100” for “Message on Launch”.
  15. There are 5 types of connection mode you can set in SocialScope. Auto, BES, BIS, TCP, and WIFI. Set “BIS” if you subscribe to BlackBerry Internet Service, set “BES” if you subscribe to BlackBerry Enterprise Service, set “TCP” if your device is not BlackBerry then it will be charged as a data usage in your invoice, set “WIFI” if you are in hotspot area, and set “Auto” for letting SocialScope to determine any available connection.
  16. Instead of “Twitpic”, I choose “Plixi” as my image service in Twitter.
  17. Set “Yes” in order to change tab faster with scrolling my trackpad to the left and right.
  18. Set “No” to disable Enter as send message.
  19. I don’t need to spell check before sending.
  20. I set on the “Last Selected” for scroll position.
  21. I never use signature neither on my tweet nor Facebook status. Kinda weird.
  22. “Reset Friends List” is used for reloading your friends. I never use this feature before. SocialScope said it may take a long time to complete request.
  23. “Check for Updates” is used to check if there is new version of SocialScope available or not. This is just to make sure you’re not out of date. :P
  24. You got some advices or complaints to SocialScope? Or you want to send some compliments? Just email them using “Send Feedback”  button.

Well, that’s all my settings. I will write again about shortcut and anything about tweeting from SocialScope after this. Wait for that!

With all pleasure,
PancaSyah “The Joker”

About pancasyah
There will be the time I've been the person you want to talk with, but end up being the person you want to talk about. | An introverted expressionist.

46 Responses to My SocialScope Settings

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  2. Internet Barbie says:

    Thanks so much for this! It really came in handy! :-)

  3. Forsaken_Dead says:

    I will try this settings because my settigs always keep alerting me of anything anyone post on facebook or twitter

  4. yasmin says:

    aku udah pilih NO di signatures. tapi waktu post di wall facebook masih tetep keliatan ‘via socialscope’ ! gimana ya biar ga keliatan?

    • pancasyah says:

      There’s no relation between Signature setting to a Facebook updates.
      When you update Facebook status from SocialScope, Facebook will determine and shows it that the status is posted from SS. Just like when you post status from Web, Facebook or BlackBerry, or anything.

  5. Alliance says:

    ak coba test mention account ku sendiri tapi ga masuk2… lamaaa lebih dari 5 menit… padahal aku seting nya 5 menit… ada apa ya? dengan kartu GSM yang sama, temenku berasa realtime dapet notif dari mentionnya

    • pancasyah says:

      Akhirnya mentionnya masuk nggak?
      Settingan paling ideal memang 5 menit, saya setting 5 menit. Tapi di SS versi terbaru bahkan sampai 1 menit.
      Biasakan kalau refresh-nya lama tekan huruf “L” sebagai shortcut refreshing timeline.
      Soal jaringan telco provider, itu juga bisa jadi sumber masalah kalau signal lagi buruk.
      Dan perlu diingat, meskipun kartu sama tapi lokasi beda, maka kualitas jaringan juga bisa berbeda.

  6. malakian says:

    mas panca, gmna sih biar dpt invitation code nya?
    udh lbh dr 3 bulan blm dapet2
    mohon pencerahannya

  7. clariss says:

    Thx infonya..
    Anyway, gmn ソªªª cara log out account FB ƴğ active đї socialscope? Mohon infonya…

    • pancasyah says:

      Yes. Too bad, as far as I know, we cannot change or even remove Facebook account from SocialScope. At least until the latest version of SocialScope v0.9.6.20.
      I hope they make further improvement for the next version.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  8. happy says:

    2 hari yg lalu,ko SS trouble yah?ga bisa liat mention/notification via “@” ˚◦°•Ħммм…(―˛―“)… •°◦
    Jd mesti logout dulu baru kliatan,tp ga update otomatis (⌣́_⌣̀)‎​
    What’s happen aya naon w/ SS skrg (//˛\\”)

  9. tata says:

    gimana ya caranya merubah active accountnya FB di SS? Mhn bantuannya…

  10. Noel says:

    Cara ngerubah tanggal yang maju di socialscope gimana yah?

  11. imam prasetyo says:

    Maaf socialscope versi berapa yang anda ulas di dalam tulisan ini? Karena ada sedikit perbedaan dengan socialscope yang saya pake. Ditempat saya ga ada menu hide stream, dan juga pada kasus saya, trjadi sebaliknya soal alert dan notifikasi, saya sudah aktifkan semuanya tapi ga ada bunyi ringtone sama sekali saat adanya notifikasi.
    Oiya saya pake v. di BB pearl 8110 saya. Mohon pencerahan.

    Terimakasih sebelumnya.

    • pancasyah says:

      Hi Imam,
      Yang saya ulas di sini adalah versi lama SS, v0.9.5.174. Saat ini, per komen ini ditulis, SS yang saya pakai versinya sama dengan Anda.

      Menu “hide stream” untuk Facebook di SS terbaru sudah tidak ada, sebagai gantinya kita bisa meremove akun Facebook dan mengganti dengan akun yang lain (sebelumnya tidak bisa remove, hanya bisa hide stream.)

      Untuk notifikasi, sampai dengan saat ini saya tidak ada masalah. Setting-an juga sama seperti sebelumnya, tidak ada perubahan.
      Silahkan cek di profile sound Blackberry Anda. Pada menu pilih “Sounds” –> “Edit Profiles” –> pilih menu yang ingin diedit –> “Others” –> Pilih ringtone untuk SocialScope.

      Semoga berhasil.

    • gash says:

      Sprry gan, ane minta tolong kirimin invitation code dong. :D udah lebih dari 3 bulan gak dapet codenya :( tolong kirim ke

      Thanks gaaan. Haha

  12. imam prast says:

    Terima kasih, kemaren saya sudah mencoba ‘ngoprek’ lagi, dan sudah bisa keluar suara ringtone nya setelah saya logout dan melakukan hardreset BB saya… Sekali lagi Terimakasih

  13. reza says:

    Maaf, saya mw nanya..knapa SS saya skrg g bisa blas command teman d status fb ya?? Mohon bantuannya..

    Trimakasih sbelumnya..

  14. Moyijo says:

    I’ve been waiting for months for an invite. Have already tried like a 100 times. What should I do?

  15. alipyu says:

    yang punya kode invite bagi dong, dah lama banget gak dapet2…hiks

  16. rusma says:

    waktu saya memakai paket BIS fullservice, socialscope bisa dijalankan. tetapi ketika ganti paket BIS social media n chat, saya tidak bisa mengakses lg. coba masuk pake TCP juga tidak bisa.. yg muncul adalah tulisan DEar socialscope, dan 2 field kosong untuk di isi. coba saya isi problem tersebut tapi aware ya tetap “fill the field” . bagaimana agar saya bisa mengakses social scope memakai paket BIS social media n chat.. terima kasih

    • pancasyah says:

      Saran saya kamu gunakan BIS full service. Keluhan teman-teman saya yang lain juga begitu. Tidak bisa akses SS kalau bukan berlangganan BIS full service.

      Terima kasih, ya..

  17. caca says:

    maaf, saya mau nanya pagi ini saya login socialscope tapi twitter saya ga jalan dan muncul tulisan “You were signed out of Twitter (@username). Please click here to continue using Twitter with Socialscope.”
    saya klik lalu masuk ke authorize twitter, udah berkali2 coba tapi ga ada hasil selalu muncul tulisan seperti di atas. gimana ya?
    makasih sebelumnya

    • pancasyah says:

      Halo Caca,
      Pagi ini saya juga mengalami hal yang sama.
      Sudah coba logout dan login lagi tapi hasilnya nihil.
      Sementara saya logout dulu aplikasi SS, dan buka Twitter dari aplikasi lain.
      Mungkin sedang ada masalah API Twitter di SS.
      Ditunggu aja ya.

      Terima kasih,

  18. reeya says:

    mau tanya donk…
    akun twitter aku kok tiba2 logout sendiri ya?
    sudah autentifikasi berkali2 tetep logout2 sendiri…
    knpa yaa?
    help me donk…

    • pancasyah says:

      Saya belum pernah alami itu. Hanya pernah terjadi di akun Facebook, dan itu sepertinya masalah dari AppScopenya. Tapi sekarang sudah normal kembali. Kamu masih bermasalah?

  19. reeya says:

    mau tnya donk… gimana caranya merubah trending nya ke Indonesia ya?
    krn itu settingannya worldwide… please bantu donk mas…

  20. deni hidayat says:

    siang om nanya baru nih pake socialscope..
    set alert udh gw enable smua..set d sound jg udh d atur smua..
    tp ko tetep yahh kalo ada mention/DM ga ada notif sound apa2..trus gada icon notihf apapun..
    emg kaya gtu atw gmna om??
    mohon bantuannya :)

    • pancasyah says:

      Biasanya kalau kita lagi buka aplikasinya, memang nggak bersuara begitu ada new tweet/mention/message. Tapi ketika BB ditaruh atau dalam keadaan idle di Home Screen, notifikasi dan icon AppScope akan tetap masuk. Saya belum pernah ada masalah seperti itu. :)

  21. Enenche says:

    Please how do I set trend location on socialscope??
    Whenever I go to trends, I really don’t know which city or country trends I get. I would really like to set my own location

  22. MR Dee says:

    I have downloaded the app and its cool but how do i send invites pls???

  23. Dimakatso says:

    I struggle to sign in on my twitter account via socialscope I really need you guys to help me please guys I’m begging you…I love sociascope with all my heart bt I find it useless when I can’t sign in to my twitter account!HELP

  24. Michael says:

    I want to remove my current Facebook from social scope and put another Facebook account I have der how do I do this

  25. Amilcar Callejas says:

    How do I change my username from social scope? I changed my username from twitter and now I noticed that I’m still having the old user name on the application, although my twitter account was updated sometimes when I logg out and logg back in the next day or whatever, my timeline cannot be updated and it’s after a while that all my tweets appear or my mentions would not be there, I don’t understand, can you help?

  26. hergina amalia says:

    hi..minta invitation kode nya dong.. :(

  27. ajeng says:

    Hai,mau tanya dong..udh beberapa bulan ini saya ngga bisa upload foto ke twitter via Socialscope..itu kenapa ya?

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