La Tania Finanda Phillipe Putri

This is the first post. I just posted it today, March 14th 2010. And I typed this post while in a call with La Tania Finanda Phillipe Putri. :)

She asked me about how to edit skin for her blog page. But she didn’t even get a url address for her blog. She thought that her url address was (it was according to her blog’s home name that she just made). But it was actually wrong. It wasn’t her blog’s url address. Because when I tried to open it, I was brought to someone’s blog that already existed since year 2000. LOL.

Finally she gave me permission to access her blogspot. I signed in, then I got the truth! Her blog’s url address was actually :D

Then she was busy with what skin she would use for her blog page.

Lalalala… Long time sought a good skin for her page on but no result. She couldn’t get how to save the downloaded code.

Well, eventually I asked her to seek the skin at

Seek… Seek… Seek…

About pancasyah
There will be the time I've been the person you want to talk with, but end up being the person you want to talk about. | An introverted expressionist.

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